Luxury Wax Melts

Daisy Jean Aromas

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Luxury Wax Melts

Highly scented wax melts in a wide range of scents. Our wax melts are supplied in clamshells and you will receive 6 cubes, each cube with give you up to 12-18 hours of fragrance. All of our wax melts are made from 100% eco friendly Soy wax.

Perfect for a gift or a little treat for yourself!


Alien's- Inspired by Thierry Mugler Alien

Angel's-Inspired by Thierry Mugler Angel

Adore - Inspired by Dior J'Adore

Baby Powder- Inspired by Johnsons Baby Powder

Bedtime Baby- Inspired by Johnsons bedtime baby

Black Pomegranate- Inspired by Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

Clean Cotton- Fresh crisp linen, combined with eucalyptus, blossom and cut grass

Crede- Inspired by Creed Aventos

Daisy Chain- Inspired by Marc Jacobs Daisy

Dove- Inspired by the popular body wash

Dreams- Inspired by Unstoppables Dream

Fresh-Inspired by Unstoppables Fresh

Invincible- Inspired by Paco Rabanne Invictus

Lady Millionaire- Inspired by Paco Rabanne Lady Million

Lavish- Inspired by Unstoppables Lavish

La Vie Est Bon- Inspired by Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Million- Inspired by Paco Rabanne One Million

Opium Noir- Inspired by YSL Black Opium

Savage- Inspired by Dior Savauge

Seychelles- Inspired by The White company Seychelles

Snow Fairies- Inspired by Lush Snow Fairy

Spring Awakening- Inspired by Lenor Spring Awakening

Spring- Inspired by Unstoppables Spring

Strawberry Lily- Inspired by Comfort Strawberry and Lily

Vapour- Inspired by Vicks Vapour rub

Zoflo Country Garden- Inspired by Zoflora Country Garden

Zoflo Twilight Garden- Inspired by Zoflora Twilight garden

Zoflo Linen Fresh- Inspired by Zoflora Linen Fresh

Zoflo Springtime- Inspired by Zoflora Springtime

Zoflo Lavender Breeze- Inspired by Zoflora Lavender Breeze

Zoflo Bluebell- Inspired by Zoflora Bluebell Woods

Zoflo Mountain Air- Inspired by Zoflora Mountain Air Pet

Zoflo Hello Spring- Inspired by Zoflora Hello Spring

Zoflo Lemon Zing- Inspired by Zoflora Lemon Zing

Zoflo Winter Morning - Inspired by Zoflora Winter Morning






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